A cool day with the boys or an active stag do.

Underwater hunting is the ultimate outdoor experience underwater. You will be kitted out with a wet suit, harpoon and snorkelling equipment when Snorkelsafari.dk takes you on an exciting and unforgettable underwater experience in the Little Belt with the real possibility of catching something. The wet suits keep you warm even when the water is cold.

Grab a delicious pulled pork sandwich at Gammelbro Camping’s cafeteria before taking the ferry across from Aarøsund to Aarø.

The Aarø Bryg microbrewery hosts a tasting of its beer brewed from the island’s own water, honey, elderflower, lemon balm and rosehip shells that give the beer its special flavour. Enjoy in great company!

Challenge each other to a round of park golf on the scenic island. Park golf is reminiscent of miniature golf in large format on a 9-hole course, and everyone can play.

Aarø has good places to eat and a vineyard that guarantee culinary delights to round off your day.

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Gammelbro Camping
Sejlplan Aarøsund – Aarø
Mikrobryggeriet Aarø Bryg
Aarø Vingård